Services we offer..

Fitness Training

Whether you are an exercise novice just starting towards a fit and healthy lifestyle or an experienced athlete looking to optimize your results, our trainers provide well-rounded programs to include aerobic fitness, strength training, core strength and stability, balance training, and flexibility. Prices vary by trainer. Contact us today for more information.

Nutrition Counseling

Many people can benefit from nutrition counseling to help improve performance and/or quality of life. Some ways that nutrition counseling might help you include: manage chronic illness, decreased pain and inflammation, improved digestion and nutrient absorption, manage anxiety and depression, overcome disordered eating, weight loss, and improved sports performance. Let our Certified Nutritionist help you reach your goals. Cost varies. Contact Josh Mathe for more information.

Endurance Sports Coaching

Combining years of experience and education, our coaches help you prepare to conquer your next (or first) endurance challenge through science-based training. Our coaches are certified through USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, USA Track & Field, Road Runners Club of America, and American Swimming Coaches Association and are prepared to help you reach your goals. We offer individual coaching (online and in person) as well as local training groups. Whether you are looking to run your first Half Marathon or Qualify for Ironman World Championships, we can help you get there. Coaching fees vary. Contact Jen Mathe for more information.

Small Group Classes

We offer regular group classes as well as small group training with our personal trainers. Check out our class offerings here. Cost $150/Month for unlimited classes, $180 for 10-Class Pass, or $20 Drop-In. Contact us for more information on classes or small group training with a trainer.

Mental Coaching

Human performance is a combination of physical fitness, technical skills, strategy, and mental skills. Some skills that we can help you with include motivation, goal setting, decision making, optimal arousal control, and thought control. Some of the strategies we use to help teach these skills include training and race strategy, meditation, and visualization. Contact us for more information.