Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching can help improve performance and/or quality of life. Additional benefits include: managing chronic illness, decreased pain and inflammation, improved digestion and nutrient absorption, managing anxiety and depression, overcoming disordered eating, weight loss, and improved sports performance.


A 3-week process where we will teach, engage and follow-up with you to be successful in making progress towards your goals.

It includes the following:


  • Initial 45 minute consultation
  • Email communication at week 2
  • 30-minute consultation at week 3



Advanced nutrition option. It is for people who need more assistance and frequent communication to ensure the process of changing a behavior is successful. We will spend 4 weeks guiding you through your nutritional behavior change to ensure that you are following the right steps with the most support possible.

It includes the following:


  • Initial 45-minute consultation
  • Email communication at week 2
  • 45-minute consultation at week 3
  • 45-minute consultation at week 4
  • Unlimited email throughout the 4 weeks



This nutrition option is great for those who know that it is going to be difficult making a nutritional change and need a more hands-on, accountable approach. It is a 2-month program that focuses on quality communication, realistic goal setting and continued support.

It includes the following:


  • Initial 45 minute consultation
  • 45-minute consultation at week 2
  • Email communication at week 3
  • Email communication at week 4
  • 445-minute consultation at week 5
  • 45-minute consultation at week 6
  • Email communication at week 7
  • 45-minute consultation at week 8
  • Unlimited email throughout the 8 weeks


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