To know your limits, you must be willing to test them...
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"I have lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks just as predicted.  The most amazing thing is that I feel like I'm melting away!  Ialso have more strength and energy during workouts.  This is all because of Josh getting me on track with my nutrition!"     ~KAREN

"Training with Jennifer has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I enjoy the variety of the workouts and I can see changes. My workout motivation is stress and depression management. I have treated the knots in my back (result of stress) with chiropractic and massage for years, but after training with Jen for a month, the knot is gone! Thank you!"     ~KATHLEEN

"I've worked out all my life, but Josh was able to get me to the next level. I'm feeling better than I have in 20 years. His knowledge and skill are great, but his positive, encouraging, and calm assurance are highly motivational!"     ~CHRIS

"Thank you for helping me understand my fitness needs and how to deal with my aging body. Jen's workouts have been beneficial in many ways: I feel great afterward, I am more limber overall, and I have learned new ways to stretch which has allowed me to add flexibility to all my workouts.  My recent Healthy Living Assessment placed me in an above average range overall. Thanks for helping me get there!     ~DOUG

"Josh is great to workout with! He is fun, reliable, knowledgeable, and prepared. He has been very flexible and accommodating with my unusual schedule which is not always the case with trainers in my experience. Josh seems to put a lot of thought into creatingworkouts that will push me just far enough out of my “comfort zone” to be effective but not intimidating. Most importantly to me, he is kind, caring, encouraging, and really wants to help people succeed with their health goals and overall well-being. "     ~MARIA

"Jen is an excellent trainer. She sets goals, provides useful guidance and encouragement, introduces variety, is always well-prepared, and very professional. These qualities make me feel confident in my workouts. With Jen's help I have improved my life significantly."     ~ETHEL

"For the past five years I have tried everything to lose weight and tone up, and after turning 35 I really wanted to make life changes in my health. I no longer wanted to have to starve, count carbs, or workout multiple times a day to be able to wear a swimsuit. I have had trainers in the past, and have never been satisfied with the sessions and results. They all seemed to just go through the motions and not really listen to me or what my goals were. That's when I met Josh, and decided to give it another go! I could tell from our first meeting that this was going to be a different experience. In one month I cannot believe the changes in myself and my body. I have gone down a size, and my rear-end and stomach are really toning up! You will never get bored working out with Josh and he really cares about helping you reach your goals. I am so happy he is my trainer!"     ~TANI

We also have a Before & Now section on our Facebook page with pictures and stories of clients who have had fantastic success!
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