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To know your limits, you must be willing to test them...
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Endurance Sports Coaching

Head Coach Jen Mathe
USA Triathlon Level II Certified
USA Track & Field
USA Cycling
American Swimming Coaches Association

One10 Performance is a multisport coaching resource for athletes of all ages and abilities. We offer personalized training plans for triathletes and duathletes as well as single sport endurance athletes. 
With over 20 years of coaching experience and 12 years in the sport of triathlon, Jen combines her education in Exercise Physiology and Sport Performance with years of personal experience to offer a program designed to meet your individual needs and goals.
Whether you are a novice or elite, we can help you find new limits and reach your athletic potential.

We believe in…

Purposeful Training: Every workout should have a purpose. If there is not a reason for the workout, it should not be on the schedule.

Quality over Quantity: We recognize the importance of recovery for improved performance. More is not always better.

Balanced Lifestyle: We believe in realistic training and racing goals that enhance, rather than conflict with other life goals and interests.

The Everyday Athlete: We believe that anyone can be an athlete. Winning is not the only measure of athletic success, and we are dedicated to helping you reach your own potential.

Coaching Programs

Premium Coaching Package
Weekly custom training plan based on both short and long-term goals. This package includes Annual Training Plan, help with goal setting and race schedule, regular progress monitoring via online training log, and unlimited text/email support. Training Peaks Basic Account with option to upgrade to premium for an extra fee. Minimum 6 month contract. 

Basic Coaching Package
Monthly semi-custom training plan geared towards your next A race. This training plan is based on fitness and skill level in each of the three sports as determined by questionnaire and/ or field testing. Includes weekly check-in with the coach to keep you on track. Training Peaks basic account with option to upgrade to premium account for an extra fee.

Elite Coaching Package
This coaching package is designed to meet the needs of the elite athlete. Together we will decide what services to include in order to help you reach your goals. Services may include private sessions, bike fit, video analysis, body composition, VO2 Max or metabolic testing, lab work, etc. Cost is variable and will be agreed up by athlete and coach before the start of the season. This option is only available to select athletes. Contact Coach Jen if you are interested in our Elite Level Coaching.

*All coaching packages are considered part of Team One10 and include access to all group workouts.
*Please contact us for more information.

Private Coaching Sessions/Form Analysis (Video)
We offer private coaching sessions to work on individual skill, fitness, strategy, etc.
Availability varies. Please contact us for more information and pricing.
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