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Josh Mathe

Jen Mathe

John Marshall

Kellie Davis

Shaghig Kodbashian

Carson Mack

Josh Mathe is a best-selling and award winning author who is passionate about using his knowledge and skill set to improve quality of life.  He specializes in nutrition for sport performance and weight management, as well as personal and group training for clients of all levels.  When not in the gym, Josh can be found in a variety of settings teaching pain management education, conducting corporate wellness seminars, lecturing on a broad array of current nutrition topics, or running through the wilderness. Josh is uniquely qualified to provide his clients with the tools necessary to succeed due to his personal experience as an athlete that has conquered weight loss and injury demons. 

Master of Science - Human Nutrition
University of Bridgeport
Bachelor of Arts
Sonoma State University

Performance Enhancement Specialist -
National Academy of Sports Medicine
       Certified Sports Nutritionist - 
 International Society of Sports Nutrition
Certified Run Coach -
 Road Runner's Club of America
*Contact Josh:
(916) 990-5516,

Individual website:

Jen Mathe has extensive experience in Fitness & Wellness Education and Sport Performance. Her personal expertise is endurance sport performance as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. Jen has more than 20 years of coaching experience in a variety of sports, and has focused on multisport (triathlon, duathlon, etc) coaching for the past 10+ years. She also has an extensive background in sport specific conditioning for gymnastics, dance, swimming, tennis, volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Jen is an athlete herself and spends most of her free time swimming, biking, or running in preparation for Ironman.

Master of Science - Kinesiology: Sport Performance
California State University, Sacramento
Bachelor of Science - Exercise Physiology
University of California: Davis

Certified Triathlon Coach - USA Triathlon (Level 2)
Certified Running Coach - USA Track & Field
Certified Cycling Coach - USA Cycling
Certified Swimming Coach - American Swimming Coaches Association
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist - National Strength & Conditioning Association
Certified Athletic Trainer - National Athletic Trainer's Association

*Contact Jen: (530) 400-5481,

John Marshall works with his clients to improve their physical abilities with a focus on mobility, balance, and functional stability.  He has a special interest in helping people prepare for any activity they wish to pursue. John is a lifelong learner and always looking for new ideas to add to workouts to keep his clients engaged in their functional fitness.  John has personal experience regarding what it takes to lose weight, keep it off, and regain a level of fitness considered good for someone much younger. He believes that as we age “one must keep moving so that one can keep moving”. When he is not in the studio training, you will find John backpacking and skiing in the Sierra, or swinging around his favorite piece of equipment: kettlebells!

Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
Corrective Exercise Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine

*Contact John: (916) 494-8430,


Kellie Davis became enthusiastic about fitness and training when she started working with a trainer herself several years ago in San Diego. At the time she was experiencing her own struggles with losing weight and staying fit. Because of the time with her trainer, she lost nearly 30 pounds and changed her life for the healthier. Having had great success, she was motivated to learn more about fitness and nutrition and eventually became certified as a personal trainer in order to help others struggling to reach their fitness goals achieve success in overcoming their own preconceived limits. Outside of fitness, Kellie enjoys running, swimming and scuba diving.

Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine

*Contact Kellie: (916) 359-9735,


Shaghig Kodbashian
has played sports all her life and is currently an avid and passionate rock climber. Her personal experience with four knee surgeries has provided her first hand knowledge of what it takes to recover from injury/surgery and come back stronger than before. Shaghig's style of training incorporates strength and cardiovascular exercises, with a focus on core and balance. She likes to create unique exercises that engage the large muscle groups, while equally activating the small ones. Her focus is on total body.  In addition to using conventional weights, she utilizes TRX suspension training, which uses your own body weight, for a total body workout. She wants to make working out fun and challenging at the same time. She believes that we all have the strength and ability to push a little more than what we may think we're capable of….but all in good/safe fun!

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering, California Polytechnic State University

Certified Personal Trainer - National Strength and Conditioning Association. NSCA-CPT
TRX Suspension Training
TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training

*Contact Shaghig: (559) 289-4081,


Carson Mack combines his knowledge of therapeutic rehabilitation with his experience as an athlete to enhance fitness, improve sport performance, and increase overall quality of life in a safe and effective manner. His previous experience working in physical therapy provides him with extensive knowledge in therapeutic modalities and rehab exercises. In addition to the general population, Carson enjoys training people who have preexisting injuries and/or limitations in their health and is also passionate about sport-specific training. As a lifelong athlete and former collegiate basketball player, Carson believes that, "consistency is the key to success; you are what you continually do." When he is not training others, he enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and running his dog around Sacramento. He recently completed his first half-marathon and is training for the CIM full-marathon in December. 

Bachelor of Science-Kinesiology: Exercise Science,
California State University, Sacramento

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

* Contact Carson: (916) 595-7658,
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